Our Search Process

Step1 Search Inquiry

Upon receiving a search inquiry, we hold an internal meeting to discuss the project. We then advise the client company on our own capabilities and the prospects of introducing suitable candidates.


Step2 Preliminary Meeting

We then meet with the client company in order to obtain essential details of the job descriptions that allow us to search more accurately for suitable candidates. The information would include the budget range for the particular search, the specific reporting line, extra details about the position, job requirements, the structure of the existing team, the working conditions, and the company atmosphere.


Step3 Conclusion of Agreement

Before we are able to start searching for qualified candidates for the client company, we first reach an agreement with them. The contract is on a contingent base in principal; a retainer contract may also be considered, if the client company wishes.


Step4 Search

We proceed to perform two acts simultaneously. The first thing that we do is review our own database, which contains over 4000 individuals that we have screened, interviewed and feel confident introducing to client companies for a suitable position. We search for qualified candidates within this database and when we locate a suitable individual for the particular position, we contact them to discuss it in complete detail.

The other act , done at the same time, is searching for new potential candidates through networking and web-based marketing. After acquiring these potential candidates, we screen them for a long list and invite qualified individuals into our office for an interview. Afterwards, we create a short list and discuss the particular position with these candidates.


Step5 Introduction & Referral

If a candidate is suitable, meets the job requirements, and would like to apply for the position, we then introduce them to the client company with all of the individual's relevant information. This includes their resume and a detailed recommendation letter from us, containing analysis of the candidate's skills, character, and English ability.


Step6 Interview Arrangement

If the client company is interested in meeting with and interviewing the candidate, we will assist in all of the arrangements of their interview in a timely manner. We will receive all necessary information from the candidate / client and confirm the final time and date.


Step7 Follw-Up & Advice for Hiring

Finally, we offer the candidate continued support throughout this entire process. If the candidate has any questions or concerns, we always welcome their inquiries so that we can quickly provide the answers they need. After the successful completion of the interview process, we also assist in the signing of the contract with the candidate / client company. Lastly, at any time before the candidate begins working at the client company, we are always prepared to offer any necessary counseling the candidate may need.